An optimised business listing is essentially a business profile page where you as a business owner can list your business for free.

Your business profile page will contain all the relevant information that will let customers know that you are open and ready to do business.

Information that is required on your business listing:
Contact Details

Operating Hours
Business Details
Service Area

Banner Image
Profile Picture

Name, Address, Contact Details
This information is not only crucial for customers to know who you are, where you are and how to contact you. Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) is a simple but effective SEO tool. It is important that this information is consistent across all your advertising platforms. BrightLocal explains the importance of NAP consistency in this article.

Business Details
This section serves two purposes. A good business description will encourage customers to use your services.
Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc will scan your business description and save it. They will decide whether to include your business listing in their search results when customers search for products or services that you offer. It is important that you mention the services that you offer, and would like to see in the search results, in some detail.

Categories, Business Highlights, Service Area
Categories – This would be your primary business.
Business Highlights – Here you would mention additional services that you have to offer.
Service Area – We are about supporting local business and encourage customers to do the same. Unless you offer a unique service or product we suggest that you keep your service area to a range that is reasonable.

Banner Image, Profile Picture
Having good pictures on your profile page will encourage customers to engage with your business listing. This means they will spend more time reading your business profile, contact you, visit your website, etc.
It is important that your pictures are correctly sized. For the banner picture the ratio is 2.5:1 and the profile picture is 1:1.
Make sure that your pictures are relevant to your business. The banner picture could be your premises or vehicle with your branding and your profile picture with your team. When taking your profile picture make sure that the subject(s) is in the center so that subject is not cut off when the picture is uploaded to your profile.

Advantages of an Optimised Business Listing

  • It is Free.
  • No need for a website to have an online presence.
  • We have taken care of all the technical SEO stuff.
  • Your business listing will be indexed on all major search engines within 24 hours of completion.