Find a Reliable Driver with a Code A1 License

You will need a Code A1 Drivers License for any motorcycle with an engine capacity up to and including 125 CC.¹

If you use motorcycles as a delivery mechanism or if you are just looking for someone with a valid Code A1 Drivers License, select the area you need the driver in and search. You will find a list of all the drivers available in your area, browse their profiles and choose the driver that suits your needs best.

If you are unsure of the engine capacity of the motorcyle rather find someone with a Code A Drivers License as this license includes all motorcycle categories.

We have verified and kept Copies of all the Drivers ID’s and where applicaple work permits. We have also verified Addresses where indicated.

It is the responsibilty of the employer to ensure that the selected candidate’s drivers license is valid for the vehicle that the selected candidate is expected to operate.

Source: ¹South African Department of Transport


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