Running a Successful Business

The key to running a successful business is having enough customers for you to sell your products or services to. Acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers should be high on any business list of priorities.

Retaining existing customers should be fairly easy as a quality service or product priced correctly will create a loyal following. This will also help in acquiring new customers as existing happy customers will share their experience interacting with your business with their circle of friends and family.

Referral advertising is great but will not attract enough customers to sustain a business. To be successful any business needs to have an advertising budget in order to attract new customers and to remind existing customers of the experience that they had interacting with the business.

An advertising budget should be part of any business plan as mentioned above but just as important is the advertising channel as this will not only determine the success of any advertising campaign but also the size of the budget required.

Reliable Help When You Need It Peacejob (PTY) Ltd, the owner of, specialises in internet marketing. We have a dedicated team focused on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means that our team stays up-to-date with the latest requirements of the biggest Search Engines to ensure that our website and in turn your profile, gets good quality traffic when keywords related to your products or services are searched on the internet.

Getting a service provider to manage your internet marketing can run into thousands of Rands per month which can be prohibitive if you have a limited budget. We charge a flat annual fee that works out to less than R200 per month or R6 per day. Even if you decide to do your own advertising via Social Media or any other channel you will be hard pressed to beat our value offer.

For your annual fee, you will get a profile on our website where you will be able to upload your logo, put you contact details, link your website, if you have one, and a space where you can describe your product and services in as much detail as you like. Our team will also review your profile before it is published to ensure that it is sufficiently optimised for search engines so that you get that all important quality traffic when people are searching keywords related to your product and services. Customers will also be able to rate and review your products and services which will act as the word of mouth advertising when potential customers visit your profile.

Things to consider when looking at listing your business on a website or App:

  1. App penetration in the South African market is extremely low which means that you will be missing a great deal of potential customers.
  2. Websites offering free listings. The old adage, you get what you pay for.
  3. Some websites allow you to create a profile, similar to what we offer but they ensure that search engines cannot list your profile when keywords are searched related to your products or services. They do this so that customers have to access their homepage in order to submit a quote request and if you are interested in quoting you have to pay to submit a quote.

So all things considered, we offer a value service where we ensure that you as our customer will get the quality traffic directed to your profile when keywords related to your products or services are searched on the internet.