About Us

Reliable Help When You Need It Peacejob (Pty) Ltd was started by Brenton Petersen. The idea was fill the gap between job seekers and potential employers in the home industries. Job Seekers were typically the guys standing on the side of the road hoping to get hired and potential employers were people looking for help to get things done around the house.

Our first website was www.peacejob.co.za and was hugely successful in pairing up job seekers with employers. When we started getting enquiries from formal business their one major reservation was that peacejob.co.za domain did not reflect the professionalism that they wanted to portray.

We then rebranded and registered a new domain, www.reliablehelp.co.za. This domain was a reflection of all advertisers on our website, the established businesses, the informal businesses and the domestic workers and gardeners.